Ep. #23: Gaahl

Ep. #23: Gaahl

2021 has come around. What will it bring? That’s the biggest question. I decide to take it one day at the time, anyway. A couple of things is for sure; The podcast is still going, and that the new and fifth Mork album “Katedralen” is closing in on you all. The new and first single “Arv” of that album is out Friday 15th of January.

This last weekend I spent in Bergen. Great times. Got inked as well as got to do this podcast, you are about to hear. The guest this week need no introduction. I got to spent alot of time and got to know «The most evil man of Norway», Kristian «Gaahl» Espedal. Gaahls Wyrd, Gorgoroth, Wardruna, Trelldom, God Seed and more. This is probably the most candid and deepest dive into this fascinating man. Enjoy……… Satan.

Kristian “Gaahl” Espedal:

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