The Thomas Eriksen Podcast - Ep. #20: Stu Manx (ex-Gluecifer, Order)

Ep. #20: Stu Manx (ex-Gluecifer, Order)

Episode 20! Wow. From nothing, to this. You, the number of listeners has grown alot as well. Thanks alot. As mentioned in the intro talk, Mork’s “Pesta” was recently announced! The four-track EP will be out on Peaceville Records on both vinyl and digital, on November 27th. Pick up a hand-numbered and signed copy over at Mork’s official webshop. The Black Plague is back and will spread wider than this covid-thing. Anyways. This episode is a portrait on my buddy Stu Manx. Stu has been in the Norwegian rock band Gluecifer and is currently in the black metal band Order. He also hosts the Mossfest festival in Moss, Norway. Great guy. Enjoy! Merch:

Stu Manx:

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