The Thomas Eriksen Podcast - Ep. #18: Fenriz (Darkthrone & Isengard)

Ep. #18: Fenriz (Darkthrone & Isengard)

What can I say, Fenriz is probably the most well known and respected spearhead of Black Metal or even Metal ever. What I really like about this man, is that he is 100% true to himself, his values, tastes and musical barometer. An inspirational figure for sure. I am lucky to have this man in my circle, and to be able to lure him into gabbing into my microphone recently.

Packed with interesting stuff; Death metal years, black metal years, later crust punk metal years, future Darkthrone, Darkthrone live… to mention some. And have you ever wondered about a little project called, Eibon with Phil Anselmo and Satyr? Well I have, and made him explain.

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