The Thomas Eriksen Podcast - Ep. #9: "Mork Do America"

Ep. #9: “Mork Do America”

Thomas Eriksen is the creator of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mork.

Episode Nine! Late summer 2019 Mork got to live out a dream. To have the music pave the way to Los Angeles, has been a longtime ambition of mine. Last year it did. Join Mork sound-engineer, Espen, and yours truly as we tell the tale about «Mork Do America». A «Beavis & Butt-head» reference, for those who didn’t get it. California dreaming, baby. Or, «Californian Hunger». Enjoy! Merch:

Check out the pictures by PunkRockPhoto of the trip here:

Espen Jamne Van Groningen’s links:

Lars og Espen prekær metal i garasjen: